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The place to know everything about Tenkara fly fishing

Tenkaraly simple : one rod, one line, one fly


High quality japenese Tenkara rods

Nissin is the world renowned for the quality of there rods

Made in carbon, they are compact and you will be surprised buy there lightness and durability.  

You fish for small or big fish, you will find the perfect rod for you in the store.

Products & services

Excellent products & professionnelle services 

Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Quebec is located on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You will find the best service and advice you will have on that type of fly fishing coming from me. Don't hesitate to call me for some help to choose the rod that will be the best one for you. The satisfaction of the client is the priority at TC/TQ. It is also my mandat to respond to your expectation and to let you trust me whit my knowledge.

Tenkara is for every one, no exception !

News & Events

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You will have the best service and advice on that type of fly fishing coming from me. You will find all the infomation concerning :News, events, pictures and videos on this ancestral japanese type of fly fishing. Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Quebec is making sure to keep in stock just the best Tenkara rods, Keiryu rods and Seiryu rods coming directly from Japan and all the accessories that goes whit it. I give conferences, do some seminar and some fly fishing shows all across Quebec, Canada but I can do outside of the province to. 

It is a online store and a updating blog.

                       Danièle Beaulieu                               Fonder of Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Québec


...rods, lines, flies all you need for Tenkara fishing!