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Picture credit : Bernard Dagenais ; Site : Forêt Montmorency

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Price & details 

This course will permit you to know how to fly fish whit a Tenkara rod. It is a telescopic rod that as no reel and no fly line. The species aim in that course will be trout on catch and release method (Bass - july and august).


  • Prices for the course in river or in a float tube* 

2 hours - 3 people maximum = 100$

The course as two parts, first one is the theory (30 minutes) and the second part is the preatical (1-1/2 hrs).


Note : If you are a participant of the "Heros mending on the fly - Canada" will have a discount of 10%.


  • Theory course (30 minutes)  

You will be teach the functioning of the rod, the lines, the flies and there presentation, the cast, the knots and the landing of the fish.


  • Pratical course (1-1/2 hrs) : 

You will be in a fishing situation. You will learn how to read a river, the approach of it and how to fly fish whit that kind of rod.


  • Mobile course : You choose the place where you want to fish (on certain conditions) (+0.50$/KM for the travelling)


*Float tube : You have to have your own float tube and your vest and done in small pound only.


Include : Tenkara rod (if you have your own Tenkara rod you can bring it), Tenkara flies (you can bring yours)


You have to have whit you : Water, hat, sunscreen, polarize sunglasse, raincoat, waders (if you have some), fishing permit from QC.


Payment : Cash, PayPal, Credit card 

Can have some changes do to temperature 


Note : If you buy a rod after the course, you will receive "key in hand" : 

Conference on fly fishing Tenkara style


  • Prices for groups and clubs :  

3 hours = 200$ for private clubs, groups....

                  150$ for a nonprofit organization


You decide the place you want to fish (certaine conditions apply) (+ 0.50$/KM extra for the travelling)

Payment : Cash, PayPal, Credit card, Club check

...rods, lines, flies all you need for Tenkara fishing!

                       Danièle Beaulieu                               Fonder of Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Québec


Picture credit : Bernard Dagenais ; Site : Forêt Montmorency