Tenkara Canada

Picture credit : Bernard Dagenais ; Site : Forêt Montmorency

Course & Conference 

Price & details 


Course on Tenkara fly fishing method in a river or in a lake whit a float tube (not provided) 

You can decide the place you want to fish (nondisclosure agreement for the place you show me)

The learning of catch & release of the fish will be teach and will be strongly recommend.


Price : 650$ (tx included) from 1 to 10 poeple + Transportation, the first 45 km free of charge then 0.60$/KM extra

You can organise a group of friends, a fly fishing organisation, a office activity or a damn nice birthday gift. (10 people maximum).


The prices include :  

  • Rod & flies 
  • Waders & boots (limited on quantity and size) 
  • Documentation on Tenkara fly fishing  

The prices don't include

  • Fishing permit in the province that the activity is taking place
  • Walking stick for the river
  • Polarized glasses
  • Diner 


* Changing in the schedule can subsist in the moment of the activity

(Thunderstorm or the debit of the river is way to high, if it is just rain the activity will take place)

 Payment : Cash, PayPal, Credit card, Club check just contact me.

Note : A cashdown not refundable will be ask as soon as the date is reserved.

Tenkara Fly Fishing

Course of the day

Instructor-Guide – Danièle Beaulieu – Tenkara

(Beginner, Intermediate or Advance)


7h50 : Welcoming of the participants                      

8h00 : Beginning of the activity (theory):


  • 1) What is Tenkara Fly Fishing
  • 2) History, the rods, the lines, the flies and the knots
  • 3) Equipment and the security when fishing (sunglasses, whistle, belt...)


8h45 : Outside (pratice)

  • 1) How to cast, the presentation of the fly and learning how to do catch and release


9h00 : Fishing in a river or in a lake in a float tube (not provided)

  • 1) How to read a river, the cast and the presentation of the fly
  • 2) How to walk in a river


12h00 : Diner

  • 1) Exchange and discussion on fishing whit a Tenkara rod


2h00 : Return fishing


3h30 : Return to the car (Demonstration how to tie a Tenkara fly whitout a vise)


4h00 : End of the activity


4 hours = 400$ for private clubs, groups....

                   200$ for a nonprofit organization


You decide the place of the conference (certaine conditions apply) (the first 45 km free of charge + 0.60$/KM extra for the travelling)

Payment : Cash, PayPal, Credit card, Club check

...rods, lines, flies all you need for Tenkara fishing!

                       Danièle Beaulieu                               Fonder of Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Québec


Picture credit : Bernard Dagenais ; Site : Forêt Montmorency