Tenkara Canada



Knots for big fish

If your fishing for big fish do not do the traditional knots of Tenkara, you have to do loop to loop. That will be strong enought to hold them and take them out of the water.


Force of the rod for fishing big fish

If you are going to fish big fish make sur that your hand that old your rod is at the good place, and that place is in the handle. If you put to much force on the section above it can break. Don't forget Tenkara rod are strong but fragile. 


Little knot to the end of your line

To make it eassier to take your line out of your Lillian, you can do a little knot at the end of it.


Cap whit the line still attach to the Lillian

When you have your line still attach to your Lillian, make sure when you take your cap to do it in a straight line. Do not bend because the tip will follow it and could cause the tip to break.


Tenkara in a float tube

When fishing in a float tube do not put to much line at the end of your rod, the reason is that you will have to much slack when bringing back the line to you and if the fish take a bite, well you will lose it for sure.

Hold your rod on the side when fishing big fish

Put your rod sideway when fishing big fish whit your big rod like 8:2 or Keiryu rod


No Wax on your section

Do not put any kind of wax

                       Danièle Beaulieu                               Fonder of Tenkara Canada / Tenkara Québec


...rods, lines, flies all you need for Tenkara fishing!

Picture credit : Bernard Dagenais ; Site : Forêt Montmorency